NEWQ is a website design & development studio based in Auckland, NZ. We like new ideas and innovative work.

  • Concept and Design

    The best web projects have a well defined strategy and clear focus. That is why we do our homework and take time to really understand your idea. We use simple mock-ups to illustrative all of our creative concepts, and we offer advertising and analytics services to keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Development and Innovation

    Website technology is always evolving. That is why we devote ourselves to learning and implementing the very latest web standards. Our goal is to modernise user experiences by sharing our expertise with every client. We innovate at every level, from large e-commerce shops to mobile-ready company websites.

  • Hosting and Support

    Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service so that every aspect of the website build is taken care of. We have dedicated hosting plans for fast and scalable deployment of any website. We will launch the final build of your website with ongoing support for all security and maintenance issues that arise.